A Breather for Small Business Owners Affected by Covid-19

Our support to small businesses during this COVID 19 period

Our support to small businesses during this COVID 19 period

2020 has been a pretty tough year for all of us, especially small business owners. Thanks to the pandemic, most countries have gone into a temporary lockdown. While this is a great idea for fighting and combating the spread of Covid-19, entrepreneurs who run physical stores are definitely not having it easy. With their physical stores shut down, there’s almost no way to continue to drive sales.

Of course, an obvious solution would be to create an online store but then again, many small business owners are facing financial hurdles thanks to the pandemic. This is where we come in.

The future of business is online but even with eCommerce content management systems like Wordpress, Shopify and Open-cart, eCommerce is still a pain in the neck in emerging market.

Our platform is built to suit the local emerging market online shoppers by providing an easy and convenient online shopping experience. Our shopping cart e-commerce platform has a lot of local African mobile payment and delivery/logistics options for businesses to contract with. IderaOS empowers ambitious entrepreneurs all over from one city at a time.

We understand that most businesses and entrepreneurs are currently going through a tough phase and we’re here to help. Thus, this April, as part of our support to small businesses affected by the pandemic, we’d be offering 1000 businesses premium access  to create their ecommerce website with our platform for free. It is a one-time opportunity to create your online store for absolutely nothing.

Who Can Sign Up?

Basically, any entrepreneur in need of an online store for his/her business can sign up on ListBuy. It’s easy, fast and will definitely help you get discovered by buyers. You also get to take a permanent break from all your sales hurdles including shipping and payment.

Ready to create your own free eCommerce website, start by creating your account just like the one in the video? Click https://listbuy.shop to get started

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