How to Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Products

What sells a product? Its functionality and use, right? Wrong. In most cases, the key factor behind a product’s sale is its appeal to customers. Customers are more likely to buy a product based on its appeal rather than how well the said product works. Thus, appeal is what determines if a customer buys your product or goes to your competitor instead.

Picture these two descriptions for a purse:

#1: Durable, small leather purse.

#2: High-quality multipurpose purse guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. This beauty might be small but it definitely can store all of your special items – including your man!

If you were a young lady looking to get a small leather purse, which product would you go for? Your guess is probably as good as ours. The second product sounds way more appealing and enticing than the first. These two products are the same but have completely different levels of appeal. And that’s the power of appeal.

If you want to sell your product (no matter how awesome or terrible it may be), the key is to make your customers fall in love with your product over and over again. Thus, in this article, we’ve outlined the perfect way to make your products more appealing and of course, make customers fall in love with it.

Take Amazing Photos

You could ruin a product’s appeal completely by putting up terrible images of it. From blurry pictures to low-quality images, your product’s appeal can be significantly reduced by the kind of photos you show to your customers. As such, if you’re trying to get your customers to love your product, you have only one option: take amazing photos. In most cases, a consumer’s buying decision is influenced by what he sees or what you (the seller) feed to his eyes.

Taking an amazing or awesome picture is actually not as hard as most people seem to think. In fact, if you aren’t sure of your photography skills, you could always hire a professional photographer to do the job for you. On the other hand, if you’re pretty sure you can handle it yourself, follow these tips:

●       Ensure that you have a good camera handy.

●       Ensure that the pictures are an exact representation of how the product looks. You definitely don’t want your customers to be disappointed when they see the actual product.

●       Take more than one picture of the product. You could have multiple images of the product from different angles, showing different styles (if applicable) and an image of the product in actual use.

●       Ensure that the background blends in with your storefront template.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to taking awesome pictures of your products. Find out how to take the perfect product pictures here.

Write Killer Descriptions

What story does your product tell? Pictures tell a thousand words for sure but words tell a full-blown story. Your customers may be intrigued by images of your product but you also need a killer description to keep them hooked and interested in your product. Don’t just describe the product. Make sure your description calls out to your target customers.

Here are a few tips for writing killer product descriptions:

●       Walk in your customers’ shoes: If you’re trying to write a description that’d attract your target customers, you have to think and speak like them. For instance, if your product is targeted at middle-aged women, you have to think and speak like a middle-aged woman. What do they like? How do they speak? What problems are they facing? How can your product solve these problems? Answering these questions will help you write a killer description that’d tug at the heartstrings of your target customers.


●       Let them know why your product is the best for them: It’s easy to simply state that your product is the best. However, this doesn’t just cut it anymore. In fact, every Tom, Dick and Harry proclaims that their products are the best. As such, customers need a reason to believe your claims. They need to know why they should place an order for your purse when they can just walk into a local mall and get a purse for themselves. Thus, don’t just claim that your product is the best. Tell your customers why it is the best.



●       Use words that trigger the senses: Customers are more likely to be hooked in by a product description that triggers the five senses. Try as much as possible to use words that describe the smell, taste or texture of your product.


●       Don’t make it too wordy: Customers want to know more about your product. However, no one wants to read an entire essay about a product. It may be tempting to use a plethora of words to describe your product. However, this would most likely have a yawn-inducing effect on your readers. Stick to the mantra: less telling, more showing.

Packaging is Everything

Believe it or not, there’s every chance that customers will buy a ridiculous product simply because of its packaging. This goes to show that packaging is an essential determinant of customer appeal. However, it isn’t enough to create good packaging for your products. Your customers have to see it too! As such, you need to showcase your packaging in such a way that every visitor to your store can see it.

You don’t necessarily have to go overkill when it comes to packaging. Just keep it simple, creative and attractive.

In the same vein, ensure that your product is packaged really nicely before delivering to customers. This way, you can ensure that your customers fall in love with every aspect of your product and services.

Focus on Positive Advertising

Customers want to know that they’d feel good or happy after using your product. Thus, you need to focus on the right kind of advertising. Make them feel like they’d experience unprecedented satisfaction and happiness after using your product. For instance, if you own a skincare company, you could create ads that focus on boosting your audience's self-esteem while pitching your product indirectly.

This way, your customers will feel good about themselves and realise that your product will make them feel/look even better.

Walk in the shoes of your customers to find out what they love and what they want to hear.

Final Thoughts

The key to selling your product is quite simple. You have to make it so irresistible that customers would be scrambling to get it. However, this is where most business owners seem to miss it. A lot of business owners find it difficult to make customers fall in love with their products and services.

Hopefully, these tips will guide you towards making your product loveable and enticing. Good luck!


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