How to Stay Connected with Your Customers while Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

So, you’ve been social distancing for a while now and so has your business. But here’s the catch: while social distancing is a great move for you as an individual, it’s a terrible idea for your business. Want to know why? Consumers tend to forget about brands as soon as the brands stop communicating with them. 

Think of your relationship with your customers as an actual relationship. You may be miles away from your partner but we bet you’d still try to keep in touch with them. The same goes for your relationship with your customers or clients. Even though you may be practising social distancing, your brand should stay connected with customers until and after the pandemic is over.

Fortunately, we’ve found a great way for you to have the best of both worlds. You can now stay safe and still be connected with your customers during this pandemic. Let’s show you how.

Don’t Stop Marketing 

A lot of people believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. While this might be true in everyday relationships, it isn’t the same for businesses (whether large or small). When it comes to business especially with e-commerce, a more accurate school of thought should be: “out of sight, out of mind”. 

The longer you keep your product or brand out of your customers’ eyes, the more likely they are to forget about it. Map out strategic marketing plans and utilize all channels at your disposal. With the ongoing pandemic, your target consumers are likely to use social media more often so you already have an audience. 

Utilize your social media channels and don’t forget to talk about your product. 

Share Tips on Social Media

Consumers want to know that your brand cares just as much as they want to stay informed. You can connect with them by sharing safety tips every now and then. However, try not to suffocate your customers by oversharing facts that they probably already know. 

Simply share safety tips or messages of hope to let them know that you’re thinking of them. This is a great way to increase customer retention and brand loyalty. 

In the same vein, let your consumers know about the steps you’re taking to stay safe during the pandemic. It’d help them feel like they aren’t alone. 

Create Engaging Posts

Want your primary consumers to interact with your business or brand? It’s quite simple, really. Double up on content creation. During this period, you definitely want to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Create engaging content that could strike an interesting conversation on social media. 

You could equally try out fun opinion polls to create an interactive atmosphere between your brand and your customers. 

Carry Out Surveys and Respond to Their Feedback 

What do your consumers think about your product or brand? What would they like you to do differently? What features do they want you to retain? Well, there’s only one way to find out: ask them. 

There’s no better time than now to seek your customers’ genuine opinions about your product. You could do this by carrying out surveys, polls or ratings. But don’t just stop there. Respond to their feedback to let them know that you value their opinions. 

Don’t forget to work on any complaints they may have about your product. 

Communicate Via Videos

Thinking of passing important information across to your customers? Try creating short, fun videos that’d not just pass your message across but also keep them entertained at the same time. Videos tend to have a more personal undertone and would make your customers feel like you’re actually talking to them.

Offer Online Deals

Offering deals or discounts is a great way of assisting customers who may be having a hard time. It’s also a great way of driving more sales since consumers will be inclined to buy your product at a lower price. What’s more, you could also build brand loyalty this way.

As a small business owner, you should definitely look towards offering deals as a way of contributing support, driving sales and increasing customer loyalty.

Top Reasons to Stay Connected with Your Customers 

Still unconvinced as to why you should stay connected with your customers even while social distancing? Trust us, there are a thousand and one reasons to. However, we’d focus on the core reasons why you should ensure that your brand never leaves your customers’ minds during this pandemic. 

#1 Customer Retention 

Many brands have and will continue to lose customers due to a lack of communication. To keep your consumers interested in your brand, you have to constantly engage and connect with them. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if it maintains a relationship with them. Thus, there’s no better time than now to connect with your customers and keep your brand close to their hearts. 

#2 Drive Sales 

Wondering if your target consumers need your product? The best way to find out is by connecting with them. The more you connect and interact with consumers, the more likely they are to buy whatever product you’re selling. Several small businesses are still driving sales today because of how well they’ve connected with their target consumers. 

#3 To Gauge Their Emotions and Opinions 

This is one of the most important reasons to stay connected with your customers. Connecting with your customers helps you to understand how they feel about your products or services. It’d also help you to gauge the areas to improve or the areas to cut out completely. 

Remember: a happy customer makes a happy brand. 

Final Thoughts 

Covid-19 and social distancing are taking a huge toll on both individuals and businesses alike. However, this is a great opportunity to connect with your customer/audience and let them know that you care. Not only will this build customer loyalty it’d equally give you a deeper insight into your customers’ emotions and what they think about your brand.

Pro Tip: Consumers are watching how brands and businesses are reacting to the pandemic and the steps these brands are taking to lend support. As such, this is a great opportunity to make a good impression on your customers and lend a hand towards fighting Covid-19. 

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