Introducing Shiip, a new way of shipping

Today, we are inviting the public to try Shiip with us. 4 months ago we started an experiment to understand what part of the logistics value chain we can improve for our @Listbuy customers.

We put together a simple process to pick up and deliver our customer's items with our team and designated local delivery partners. Our goal was to prioritize competitiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency. Thankfully, some Listbuy customers became our early users. In that period we did close to a thousand orders and over 3 million is sales in international and local deliveries to key part of the country, but we are only able to serve a very small market. Many people wanted and needed to experience what our customers enjoyed.

This is what we learned

1.      Our customers want to deliver their items as quick as possible

2.      They want to give competitive delivery pricing to their customers

3.      They want to track shipment anytime and anywhere

4.      Our customers want to create shipment on existing channels like Whatsapp

5.      They want to fulfill all their logistics need in one location

6.      Some want to be able to integrate delivery into their existing eCommerce infrastructures, Woocommerce, Shopify, Flutterwave store, Paystack store etc

Introducing Shiip

SHiiP is designed to connect individuals and small businesses with the best and most trusted delivery options, offer discounted shipping, and real-time rate comparison from all leading carriers, plus on-demand tracking, customer shipping notifications, seamless handling of returns, and more.

Right now Shiip is integrated with over 15 carriers like DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, KWIK with 10 in the US and 5 in Nigeria. Our goal for the next few weeks is to add as many carriers as possible offering the best deal you can’t get anywhere else.

With Shiip, we are furthering our mission at Ideraos of Automating commerce, sales and delivery for ambitious businesses in Africa, making it truly possible for African Entrepreneurs to sell to anyone, anywhere.

You can try shiip today by downloading our Andriod/IOS app, Chat with Musa, our Whatsapp delivery assistant or simply us our web platform. Each of these platforms are work in progress, so we will appreciate your feedback on how to make it more usable for you and improve the experience.

Our team work around the clock across multiple time zones to ensure that you enjoy really amazing customer and shipping experience when you use our platform.

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