The goal of any business is to make money. Now that sounds obvious right, you would be surprised at the number of people who have good businesses but don’t market their goods.

I can almost hear you, I told my mum to tell her friends about it, uhhhm I’m barely making enough profit, I’m even trying so hard to stay afloat…

You see that’s the major problem. When I say marketing you are thinking about the Coca Cola billboard you saw earlier today or the YouTube ad for Nike you just watched. So, hear me out first

Let us deal with the basics so you don’t go wasting your time, doing something that will not work for your business.

Everything begins with a plan, the old saying goes. Not the kind of plan you have at the beginning of the year and shove under all the papers you have on your table. I’m talking about the one you write and work on.

So let’s get started, to write your plan, you have to ask yourselves these questions;

First question, what am I selling? This is stupid I can hear you- I’m not deaf by the way- But before you think about clicking that X button, write out the answer on a blank sheet- it does not matter, a paper, a tablet, a scroll, just write it.

Second question who am I selling to, what do they look like, how old would they be, what is their gender, what is their average income, where do they live, what kind of phones would they use, what are their shopping habits, what are their interest and hobbies…This will help you understand your target audience. It would help you understand why they would buy your product and what form of marketing would resonate with them.

Third question, why am I selling to them, what problem/need does my product or service solve. The people have to see what you are selling as a solution to their problem. It is also your job to show them, that is why you need to know first.

Fourth question, what medium of marketing or advertising will be the best fit for the goods or service I’m offering. Now that you know what you are selling, you also know who your clients are, it will be easier to pick at least one medium. Fortunately, we have a lot

Finally, what is my budget? It all boils down to money eventually, yeah…I know. So how much can you put aside for this? Click here to find ideas that fit any budget- from zero to a million.

Once you are done just go ahead and start, don’t wait for me. But if you want to see a sample of my plan just to get a feel of it before starting, click here.

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