Starting an Online Business

Almost everyone is looking to get extra income, even Dangote the richest in Africa is branching into other sectors to also make extra money.

One of the easiest ways to get that extra income is to start an online business. You can sit in the comfort of your home or the comfort of your present job or even the comfort of your toilet- it doesn’t really matter-You can set your own schedule etc.

Easiest doesn’t mean you would just cross your legs and fold your arms. It just means out of all other options these ones are easier.

So how can you start? I don’t know. Just messing with you, keep reading

First, you have to think about what good or service you want to sell. There are tons of business ideas to pick from.

Now calm down, you don’t know which one to pick. Let’s start with these

questions, they would help you narrow it down to three.

1. What problem do you see that you can help solve?

2. What needs do people have that you can proffer solution to?

3. What product or service do you use that is unsatisfactory. Do you know what can be done right? Can you do it?

List at least three in each category listed above. To help broaden your mind, it could be a physical product (clothes, shoes, makeup), it could be a digital product (e-books, online trainings), it could be a service (web development, writing, design). It can be almost anything.

You are answering these questions to find a market first, which is usually the best way to start as opposed to thinking of a product first.

Second, how much will it cost me to start this business…The good news is that for most online businesses, you do not need a lot of start-up capital, infact we have somewhere you do not money to start at all.

Third, set up an online store. Now don’t get confused by the word store, or by the fact that you don’t know Jack about setting up an online store. A store is basically where you can sell your goods or service. You can call it an online office if it makes you feel better. Ideraos is an example of an online store that can get you started in a very easy way and short time.

Fourth marketing. You have a store now, people have to know about it. Click on this link to show you ways you can market your product with little cash.

Fifth, just start. Stop wasting any more time. The time to do is now.

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