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Remember we talked about answering some questions before writing your marketing plan. I hope you have answered yours. If you have not please go to the last post and answer yours. Now that we have our questions answered.

What do you want to achieve?

That’s obvious you might say. I want people to buy my products or pay for my services. Yes, that is what everybody wants, but remember you cannot climb Mount Everest in one day, it has to be one step at a time.

How many shirts do you want to sell this year, how many websites do you want to build and redesign? It is okay to dream big and say 1,000,000. But we have to set pragmatic and achievable goals.

I would advise that you double the sales for last year or at most triple it. If you do not know the exact figure do an estimate.

How are you going to achieve it?

Let us assume your new goal is to sell 200 shirts. That automatically means that you should sell an average of 17 shirts in a month.

By now I am sure that you have settled the matter of your target audience and where they are both physically and virtually.

My target audience-

Middle class, male, between the ages of 18–30, loves soccer, shops at the popular local store.

Mom’s, Wives and girlfriends between the ages of 15–50, love watching romcoms, shops at the popular local store

My Strategy

  1. Negotiate a deal with the owner of the local store- to either display my shirts for a fee or supply them to him at wholesale price on credit
  2. Open an instagram account- Post engaging and compelling content at least once a day
  3. Offer incentives for referrals

How would I know my strategy is working?

You need to have KPI’s- Key Performance Index- that can tell you if your strategy is working or not.

My KPI’s

50% increase in sales

Increase in followers

NB a marketing plan is not static, it is subject to change. If one strategy is not working change it.

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