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Hello. We hope you’re having a swell time. We’re here to make things even more exciting! 

The name of our company Ideraos comes from the Yoruba root word “Idera” which means ease. Ease is what defines the organization, our culture and products. As such, our mantra and vision revolves around making sales easy for you. 

One question that keeps resounding in our minds is: “How can we make life easier and better for our customers with our products?”. Now, we’ve had a couple of answers and we’d love to show them to you. One of our recent answers is the new design changes coming to Listbuy today.

We are unveiling a new design change coming to your listbuy dashboard. Are you excited yet? You should be! With this design, we are adding a better organized and faster way to move around your listbuy dashboard. This way you, can add products, set shipping and withdraw funds faster than you have ever done before. But that’s not all. 

The signup process is also easier and faster to increase the speed at which you get to experience the product.

We know you’d love to see proof. Fasten your seat belts because we're about to show you how the new dashboard looks like. 

See you around soon! 

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