How to Use Social Media to Reach Your Target Audience

Image by @rami_alzayat via unsplash

Image by @rami_alzayat via unsplash

Content is what drives marketing on social media. Some crown content King. However, before you run off to start creating content we need to deal with some issues.

Who is your target audience?

Create a buyer persona.

Where is your target audience?

Are they on Instagram,Reddit, Quora, Facebook etc. Think hard about this one. Some people believe you should use and have as many social media accounts as possible for your business. However, picking the right platform is very important for a business. You do not expect me to market my clothes on Linkedin. That would be like advertising iced drinks to the Eskimos.

What kind of content do they consume?

Now you have to ask yourself, what kind of content do they consume, what kind would they need, how can you help them make their lives easier as regards your product.


Always create content that has value. Do not do a haphazard work because you think it is a necessary evil. Regardless of whether you intend to grow your page organically or inorganically, content is always key.

Click here for different types of content and their advantages.

Make sure to involve your followers in the conversation. Do not write like a dictator. Encourage them to engage with your content. 500 engaged followers is better than 10,000 unengaged followers

Tell them how your services can help them solve the problem that your content points out faster, but do not make the mistake of over-promoting. That would look selfish. Sometimes you give them things to laugh about

Incentives and discounts. Humans love freebies. Give them incentives to share and repost contents

Others include influencers, targeted ads … for more information on whether you need these or not, click.

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