WE NEED TO FIND YOU A SPOT- Where/How to Market Your Product

Now that we’ve gotten our marketing plan down to a T. We need to find you a spot- a place to market your product or services.

Let us start with the general ones before going to business-specific ones.

Your Mouth

This is one of your mobile marketing platforms. Open your mouth and speak, everywhere you go-just like MTN. There is something called the elevators pitch- saying who you are and what you do under 60 seconds. That is as much time as you’ve got to tell them why they need your product or convince them to tell other people about it. If they do not look bored or want to hear more from you after 60 seconds, then bravo…

Social Media

According to research, 56.1% of the world has access to the internet and 45% of the world use social media. Yeah, do the maths. So if you want to reach a lot of people at once social media is your best bet.

Customer Referral/Reviews

A lot of people waste this opportunity and you have to be intentional about it, if not you will waste it too. Always ask your customers for referrals. You can also use incentives to motivate them. Thank you for patronising us, would you know anybody who is in need of this service, we offer a 10% discount on your next purchase when you refer somebody. It works like magic every time. And if your customer service is superb, you might not even need the incentive, all you need to do is ask.


Remember when I said 56.1% of the world has access to the internet. These days when people want to find out where to get a certain product or service, the first place their mind goes to is Google. When they have a question Google is almost always their first option.

When you blog about content relevant to your target market. When they go online to search for what they need, your blog comes up and your call to action stares them in the face as they get the information they need.

Apart from that, blogging helps your websites SEO. This can help you be on the first page of google.

P.S. Make sure to keep the blog updated with relevant content as an abandoned blog is the same as no blog at all.

Click here for the business-specific spots.

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