Why Should I Care About Two Lines Across a Box Part 1

The in thing in business now is branding. And yes I know it has been there for a very long time, but everybody seems to be talking about it now. You think I am lying, go to any business conference or seminar, if you don’t hear anything about branding I owe you ten bucks. Even self-development seminars and workshops all say the same thing, the only difference is they call it personal branding.

I personally feel branding is overrated. How can two lines across a square contribute to the rise or downfall of my business? If you are with me on this one, we both need to go to a special rehabilitation centre.

…Even cows in ancient times were branded. The question you should ask is why? The answer is OWNERSHIP. Whatever you are doing right now I doubt that you are the first person to do it and even if you are, you won’t be the last I promise you that…Well, unless the product is really terrible but even at that, I cannot promise that you would be the last to come up with such a terrible product.

People need to know that the chicken that is crispier than KFC was done by you, or that the bag with genuine leather is sold by you, or the shoes that last longer than the Game of Throne series is sold at your shop. People need to know and the ONLY way you can do this is BRANDING.

Secondly, you know how people get the wrong impression about you and you just don’t get how they got it all twisted. For instance, I know I’m a lady but I hate chocolates, can’t you guys see it. Of course, you can’t, it is not written on my forehead. That’s what you would be doing without branding. You would be shouting on the top of your lungs, I am more reliable, my food is tastier, the quality of my clothes is better but NO ONE would hear you.

So, branding makes your voice heard, people can see, hear, feel and taste what your business is saying and what it is about. Basically, branding does the work for you. It also comes with a gangster side dish because it also affects the subconscious mind…*winks* if that ain’t gangster, I don’t know what else is. That’s one of the reasons you cannot afford to get it wrong, because if you do and they hear the wrong thing you are dead, sorry your business is dead.

In summary, you should care about two lines across a box because branding

is who you are and who your customers see you as, which would in turn, affect how they relate to you, which of course means more sales or fewer sales.

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